I came in skeptical! I walked away absolutely thrilled. Ann is so thorough. I didn’t know that not hearing contributed to dementia. I didn’t know that not hearing contributed to falling. I didn’t know how irritating others are when I say “huh?”. I didn’t know so much. Today’s hearing aids are mini computers. I am thrilled that they keep track of my steps per day. I am excited that I get a score telling me how active I was with my brain. This is a game changer. Ann makes sure it is perfect. She did so much for fitting the things in my ears but most of all she made me hear music and conversations like I haven’t in years! People say hearing aids are expensive. I say not having hearing aids is way more expensive. An. Can change your life! Set up an appointment. You will be happy you did!
Tenny Garner, on Google
Very very professional caring and informative.... Looking forward to returning. ..
Donald Baird, on Google
Tremendous people who truly care for their customers. Would recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem.
Carl Buckle, on Google
Nice place good service 🙂
James “Sarge” Tompsett, on Google
The people at the Willoughby Hearing office are very professional and friendly. They know what they are doing. They are also careful about making sure everything is clean due to Covid-19.
Leianne Duke, on Google

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